Why A Christian Retirement Community Might Be Right for You

Christian retirement communities offer numerous benefits for religious seniors. The congregation can be a crucial means of worship, and those who belong to any house of worship understand the importance of this support. When you are feeling sick, your congregation will care for you and even offer to run errands. They will make you food and offer fellowship when someone you love passes away. However, as people age needs begin to outweigh what the congregation can provide. Eventually, a social support system is not the only thing you need anymore. You could need home health care services, or need to move to an assisted living facility. Your day-to-day living needs are put into the hands of strangers even when the congregation still visits and remains active in your life. However, think about the difference that can be made when you are receiving care from those who share your faith and values. Studies have shown that religion can greatly help senior citizens heal from their illness or come to terms and accept the effects that come along with aging.

There have been numerous studies conducted and books written on the power of religion on a person’s health. Religious coping, which can be defined as relying on your religious beliefs and practices in order to effectively cope with challenges faced in life, has been shown to be a significant tool used by seniors to help them meet the challenges of aging and the hurdles that come with it. Studies have also shown that seniors who are actively religious are more likely to want to get better, less likely to suffer from depression, understand the purpose of life, have a hope for the future, and are more likely to heal and continue to live an active lifestyle. There have also been studies that recommend encouraging religious practices that are important to the individuals receiving services from health care professionals.

Many seniors have a strong desire to discuss their faith with their doctor. This is especially true for seniors diagnosed with a terminal illness. Some studies have shown a correlation between faith and positive affects to an individual’s health. Other studies have shown a correlation between the prevention of heart attacks, infections, diseases, and death and individuals who are able to talk about religion and spirituality openly with their healthcare providers.


There are many Christian Retirement Communities in Lancaster, PA. If you are looking at moving into a retirement community, and want to be able to express your faith openly while being provided the support and encouragement you need; then one of these communities may be right for you. You will have ample opportunities for socialization and have the assistance and health care you need while still being able to remain as independent as possible. You will be provided care by individuals who share the same religious foundations as you do.

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